It's about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously exploring your vision and possibilities, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous risks, embracing challenges at every step along the way. 

You are on the path

Each individual is on their own path. At times the path may be clear, at other times it might seem completely blocked and overgrown. This is a journey back to your true self, on a soul level. What does this mean? It means opening up peace, happiness, spiritual connection, expansion, abundance and anything else you might want on your path. It also means letting go of hurt, pain, anger, sadness and anything else that is no longer serving you. This is a path to become an expert in you, all of you. 

Since there is a different journey for everyone, each path is custom to your soul path. That is why I have put together different plans to help meet this need. So what journey do you want to take? 

Viewing the Path 

This is a free 15 minute consultation to see if this might be for you. If you have any questions about the work and what it looks like then this is a great way to explore more freely before moving forward. This also gives me a chance to see if we are a good match. It is important for it to be a good fit for both the therapist and client. If I feel I am not a good match for you I will find someone who would be. I want what is best for you! 

Resourcing your Path 

Perhaps you feel you want more out of life. Maybe you have felt extremely stressed and you are not sure how to relieve this stress. Maybe you wanted to bring more tools into your life to help bring better mind, body and spirit balance. Maybe your body has felt like it just needs a tune up. If this is how you have been feeling, then your path would consist of using these different modalities. Transpersonal counseling, which helps an individual integrate spiritually and transcend the human blocks. Holistic body work to help bring balance within the energetic system. This can consist of Polarity, Craniosacral, Reiki, Elemental Reflexology and sound healing. This is a great way of listening to your body and become in-tuned to it's needs. Hypnotherapy and guided visualization to help with relaxation and resourcing areas in your life that may bring you trouble. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), dream analysis, and integrative breath work are all things to help to gently relieve blocks and bring tools into your everyday life to help you keep expanding and growing. At times I will use my intuition to help bring light into areas that might be blocking you from moving forward. This is used in a manner to help you resource your own strengths. 

Exploration of the Inner and Outer Path 

Perhaps you have found that you need to start to heal some things in your life. 

  • maybe you have been diagnosed with chronic illness

  • maybe you had a recent loss

  • maybe you want to "reclaim" a lost part of yourself

  • maybe you are seeking healthier relationships

  • maybe you are seeking deeper spiritual connection

This will help remove the obstacles in your path that have been holding you back. This will consist of counseling, possibly couple or family therapy, hypnotherapy, holistic body work, integrative body work, dream analysis, NLP, and intuitive guidance. Each session might use different tools to help you in the best way possible. You will learn how to implement what work we do in sessions and how to apply this to your every day life. Since this work is holistic it works with your mind, body and spirit to help bring balance and healing. As you release and heal the things that are no longer serving you it allows you to embrace more love, happiness, abundance, intuition and peace in your life. This path helps to bring healthy patterns in families that have been passing dysfunctional behavior's down from generation to generation. 

Exploring and Expanding the Path with Others 

For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them. The power of the group is very healing. When someone else shares and heals their pain this allows everyone else in this energy to also heal. Deeper healing occurs when in a group because of the power of the group. This also allows you to gain a support system with people who have shared their pain, hurt, and trauma with you as well at a much deeper level then most people could ever do any other place. This is a safe, loving environment that helps to create this sacred space.  

We suggest that you start with the Letting Go Weekend:
two days of discovery, renewal and transformation.  

If you find that you have really expanded from this weekend then you can go even deeper with the  Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI). Personal Transformation means getting down below the surface level to the deeper soul level of who you really are. Most of us have emotional, physical and mental blocks that limit our joy, prevent us from knowing the truth about who we are, and interfere with manifesting our full potential. The PTI is a powerful experiential program that utilizes group process to release these blocks, explore our deeper selves, and reclaim unacknowledged and hidden parts of ourselves. 

The PTI integrates Gestalt, Humanistic, Transpersonal, and Existential healing approaches using Heart- Centered Hypnotherapy, Integral Breath Therapy, Energetic Psychodrama, Meditation and Guided Visualization to deeper connections in relationship with self, with spirit and others. 

Each of us, through heart-centered spiritual energies, has the ability to access internal resources of strength, wisdom, and healing. Within these five weekends, we will enhance your internal resources and external supports to explore, identify, and eliminate emotional barriers that have previously blocked you from accessing the powerful resources of your Higher Inner-Self. Together we will explore the heart-energies of self-compassion and self-acceptance, as well as the untapped powers of the unconscious mind towards growth.  

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