Breath Therapy

November 9, 2019



863 North Cleveland Massilon Road, Akron Ohio 44333

Learn the power of the breath. This workshop teaches how we can achieve the peace, connectedness, and health through the breath. You will learn circular breathing that helps to release emotions and stress. This work goes deep to get down to what is really the cause of things. If you want a tool to use in your daily life this is it.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to do a session for yourself

  • Intentions and affirmation work

  • The benefits of breath work

  • Meditation with the breath

  • What may come up in a typical session

  • Being present

  • How to release resistance in your life

  • How to increase your ability to life your purpose

* Please bring yoga mat, blanket and pillow for comfort. This is a great class to do with a partner