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Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching – is a path of moving into your strengths and purpose in life. Transpersonal coaching is not about pathology but about potentiality. This space allows a person to transcend the ego mindset and behaviors that have inhibited you from expanding your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Transpersonal coaching uses transpersonal hypnotherapy, positive psychology, Jungian psychology, intuition and guided visualization to bring you into connection with your core essence. Often individuals might have a knowing that something is missing in their life and wanting something more. If you are experiencing this in your life and feeling an inner knowing that this is the step for you, then it is time to take the step.

Transpersonal Intuitive Coaching – Many of my clients have come because of feeling that the world is energetically overwhelming for them. Often they are told that they are too sensitive and that they take everything to seriously. I have found that often this is their gift but over the years they have learned to shut this down to do what society has told them is correct.

Unfortunately, due to this they start to loss their direction and understanding of who they are. Transpersonal intuitive coaching is a space to start to create skills and expansion in their life that allows them to step back into the heart of who they are. Each individual came here with their own strengths, gifts and talents. Often we loss this along the way. But what were to happen if you were able to embrace these and step back into what you were meant to be. Are you ready to embrace your brilliance? Is something preventing you from moving forward in your life?


A Transpersonal Life Coach Helps Clients:

Gain clarity and focus about their lives

Define life goals; develop a plan for manifesting those goals

Tap into their full potential

Expand creativity

Expand consciousness

Discover solutions to life’s challenges

See life events as challenges instead of challenges

Lead a happier, more successful life

Identify and live within a greater life purpose

Increase your intuition

Remove what is preventing you from moving forward with your goals

Would you like to have any the following and more abundantly?

  •  Meaningful Relationships

  •  Greater Joy

  • Financial Security

  •  Greater Peace

  •  Improved Health

  •  Improved Self-Care

  • Living a Mindful, Meaningful and Purposeful Life

  • Increased Intuition and Creativity

  • Connecting with Your Potentiality

First session - $200

Each session following is $150

Packages – 3 online sessions – 45 minutes, 1 session in person - $500

How does transpersonal coaching differ from consulting, therapy, sports coaching, a best friend?

Transpersonal coaches, on the other hand, may or may not have a background or experience in

your field. A coach is a life specialist, an expert on helping you develop all areas of your business

and personal life. Unlike many consultants who propose a solution and leave you to implement

it, the transpersonal coach stays with you to help you integrate the changes, new skills, and

goals to make sure they really happen.

Therapy. Transpersonal coaching is not therapy. Coaches don’t work on past-based issues or

traumas. Coaches are not psychologists or psychotherapists. If you start the process of

coaching, and have not resolved a past issue, then it is very likely you will be referred to work

with a therapist to resolve the issue. It is very common for unresolved traumas to stop us from

getting what we want in our lives. Coaches focus on the present and the client’s goals for the

future. We help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give

them the life they really want.

Best friend. A best friend or two or three is wonderful to have. But is your best friend an

objective professional? Some times our friends will not tell us the truth as much as they would

like to because they don’t want to risk losing the friendship. A good life coach is never afraid to

tell you the truth and is willing to be fired at any time. Why not have a best friend and a life


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