$100 per Session 
Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted 

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy uses elements of humanistic psychology, developmental psychology, behavior modification techniques, and a holistic approach. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy goes much deeper then regular hypnosis or talk therapy. The therapist and client agree what each session is working with and what the end goal is. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy gets underneath the self-sabotaging patterns in one's life. As you remove these blocks from your life you will find more happiness, peace, love and abundance. You will be free from inner judgement, shame, guilt, anger, grief, jealousy, abandonment and anxiety. (there is no way to implant any suggestions that the conscious mind does not agree with). 

What are some benefits of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy? 

Freedom from: 

  •  Depression

  •  Financial blocks or career blocks

  •  Trauma, abuse, PTSD

  •  Loss and Grief

  •  Fear of abandonment

  •  Difficulty with self-expression

  •  Shame

  •  Anger

  •  Weight Issues

  •  Addictions of any kind

  •  Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

  •  Anxiety and Phobias

    Clients report increased levels of: 

  •  Happiness with your life

  •  Healthy relationships

  •  Healthy self-esteem

  •  Healthy love

  •  Increased relaxation

  •  More abundance in all areas of your life

  •  More spiritual connection