Transformative Path is about removing the obstacles in your path. Everyone is on a different path, but all of us have certain obstacles that hold us back from living the best life we can. Let’s clear the way together.

We honor the sacredness of each path by treating each individual holistically: mind, body, spirit.


Our Approach

There is no way to stop certain things from happening, but you can develop the resources to live a happier, peaceful, loving, connected and abundant life. When you heal the obstacles, space opens for more positive experiences in life. 


Individual & Couples Therapy

Transformative Path provides individual, couples and family counseling. Our sessions are caring, deep, and healing to help resolve or understand why we act or feel as we do.

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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy uses elements of humanistic psychology, developmental psychology, behavior modification techniques, and a holistic approach. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy goes much deeper then regular hypnosis.

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Alternative sessions

Transformative Path offers Integrative Breath Therapy, Specialized Holistic Bodywork (polarity, craniosacral, elemental reflexology, reiki). Very powerful for a variety of emtional concerns including depression, addiction, and more.

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Upcoming Workshops


Usui Reiki Level 1

August 10th |9-4pm

As I have worked with clients over the years most individuals are looking for tools in their life that can help them heal, relieve stress and relax.  Reiki is a wonderful tool to help promote this…


Oct 8th - Nov 5th

A workshop for sensitive/intuitive individuals who are ready to create a transformative change in their life by increasing their gift of sensitivity…


OCTOBER 25-27 2019

Letting Go Weekend is the journey into the process that helps us release fear, wounding, anxiety, guilt, shame, grief and resentment.

In life we often hold onto things that….

More Workshops 2019

Breath Therapy Workshop
November 9, 2019

9am- 4pm

Learn the power of the breath. This workshop teaches how we can achieve peace, connectedness, and health through the breath. You will learn circular….

transformative Coaching

If you are ready to take your life to a new level, then Transformative Coaching is for you. We will be forming small group, online coaching packages that are designed to help you overcome your obstacles to create your ideal future.

Personal Transformation INtensive (PTI)
Coming in 2020

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The PTI is a powerful experiential program that utilizes group process to release obstacles and blocks to explore our deeper selves and reclaim unacknowledged and hidden parts….